Brooke Mason, Hobart, TAS | Red Herring Surf, Adult Wetsuits
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Brooke Mason

team rhs

  • Nickname Brooklyn
  • Years Surfing 10 years
  • Other Sponsors Emery Surfboards, Matunas Wax, High Noon Zinc, Balin
  • Favourite Surf Spot South Clifton Beach
  • Favourite Place in the World Indonesia
  • Hobbies Yoga / Reading / Running / Soccer / Futsal / Eating
  • Dream Job Doga (dog yoga) Instructor with a tiny clinic in a tiny island in Indonesia that has a pumping perfect peak that is always offshore and you can surf all day but there is extra ozone cover so you can't get sun burnt just get a mild but flattering tan
  • Who Gets You Pumped? Chai, River, any frothing grom, any frothing elderly person that still surfs
  • All-Time Heroes Mum / Gandhi / Dalai Lama / Meghan Markle / Julia Gillard / Robin Williams / Silvana Lima
  • Most Treasured Possession My electric blanket
  • Favourite Brands Red Herring! / Roxy / Coles Brand
  • Favourite Music Right Now I always listen to the same 100 old classics that I know by heart, the odd fresh song slips through to the keeper occasionaly if it sounds kind of old
  • Something Not Many People Know About You I am a vegetarian that eats cheeseburgers
  • Phrase or Word You Overuse Hey Baz, you didn't miss much it probably isn't worth it (to the old man with the mal about to walk in when its been pumping all morning and grabbing a quick vegemite scroll and getting back out there!)
  • Overrated The south arm shuffle without getting in the water, cooking, the fact men don't know how to be a good wife, packet macaroni cheese, winter
  • Underrated Mums, homemade macaroni cheese, cookies from coles, chai lattes, labradoodles, Tassie!
  • Favourite Quote "Life is far too important to be taken seriously"
  • Any Big Plans This Year? Finish Med School and go to Indonesia on the first plane
  • Instagram @brookiemason
  • Recent Posts
    • Last weekend saw Shippies awaken for the first time this year. ...

    • Two years ago I made a rule to take a single film photo every time I went surfing. I gave myself this task because things had started to blur together. Perhaps I was just starting to lose my marbles but I found that aside from those standout sessions most moments from an everyday surf seemed to be getting lost amongst the hustle and bustle of day to day life....

    • Never drive away from waves, don’t drink if the forecast looks good tomorrow and stick to the citrus program (substituted for carrots and hummus)...