Brendon Hill, Launceston, TAS | Adult Wetsuits, Skateboard Shop
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Brendon Hill

team rhs

  • Nickname Hillbilly
  • Years Skating 18 years of fun!
  • Other Sponsors Folklore, Theeve, Paramount Bearings, Arnette, Spitfire, The Cream
  • Favourite Surf Spot Hillcrest Primary School rails, Clarence Primary School benches
  • Favourite Place in the World Tasmania! "How's the serenity?"
  • Hobbies Fishing / Kayaking / Golfing / Snow Boarding / Camping / Knife Throwing
  • Dream Job Living it already!
  • Who Gets You Pumped? Sean Malto / Shane oneill
  • All-Time Heroes Superman (since age 7)
  • Most Treasured Possession My dog Harley, my Suburu Impreza
  • Favourite Brands Oakley / RVCA / Hurley / Nike / Adidas / Folklore
  • Favourite Music Right Now m83
  • Something Not Many People Know About You I've nearly died 3 times in my life already (Tiger Snake bite - closest call)
  • Worst Injury So Far Dislocated shoulder
  • Phrase or Word You Overuse Much love!
  • Overrated Riser pads & bearing spacers
  • Underrated Wax on the ledge! & smooth run-up
  • Favourite Quote "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!"
  • Any Big Plans This Year? Pick up another shoe sponsor, clothing sponsor, and qualify for 2019 National finals in Melbourne
  • Instagram @1800hillbilly
  • Recent Posts
    • Last weekend saw Shippies awaken for the first time this year. ...

    • Two years ago I made a rule to take a single film photo every time I went surfing. I gave myself this task because things had started to blur together. Perhaps I was just starting to lose my marbles but I found that aside from those standout sessions most moments from an everyday surf seemed to be getting lost amongst the hustle and bustle of day to day life....

    • Never drive away from waves, don’t drink if the forecast looks good tomorrow and stick to the citrus program (substituted for carrots and hummus)...